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Work together on cycle safety, says FTA

Published: 21 November 2012  09:44 AM
Industry Channel: Transport & Distribution 

Road user must all work together and share roads safely, the Freight Transport Association has said in response a London Assembly transport committee report on cycling in the capital: “Gearing up – An investigation into safer cycling in London”.

Policy director Karen Dee said: "FTA and its members take very seriously the safety of vulnerable road users and are fully alert to the concerning rise in the number of cyclists killed and seriously injured in recent years particularly in London.

“The logistics industry has a key role to play going forward. But as this report recognises, there is no single solution to this problem. Sharing the road safely in future will depend on an accommodation being struck between different road users respecting their rights to be there, behaving responsibly for their own sake and the safety of others and accepting some measure of individual accountability for the reputation of the profession or lifestyle they represent."


The following comments have been posted in response to this article:

As an experienced cyclist, motor cyclist and driver, I am all to aware of the dangers on today’s roads, and this awareness is heightened by virtue of working for a logistics company operating LGV vehicles. Great steps have been made to improve road safety for all and in particular cyclists, from separating routes to dedicated lanes, however, cycling remains one of the last modes of transport by which an individual of any age can, without any formal training legally travel on the public highways, (with the exception of the motorways). The vehicles used are not subject to any form of compulsory maintenance, the rider is not subject to any compulsory training or made to wear any safety equipment. Indeed could manufactures do more with safely features such as fitting mirrors as a standard requirement of the build. Now it might seem that I am suggesting the problem lies entirely in the cyclists camp, but this is not the case, what is noticeable is that over recent years there has been a number of safety improvements made to vehicles, in particular large goods vehicle, indeed one might only need to see the number of mirrors now fitted to a LGV vehicle, or some of the newly developed motion sensors fitted to trailers for example. There already exists strict guidelines around driving particular vehicle and many companies are investing heavily in training drivers of the dangers, and warning cyclists of the dangers through labelling on vehicles, and I wonder whether due to the volume of traffic using our road networks today we have reached a juncture where by we will need to put a formal training programme in place with a licensed certificate for cyclists. Supported by the compulsory introduction of safety equipment such a helmets and safe features to the cycles such as mirrors and maintenance programmes
Kevin Friend 22 Nov 2012

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