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Devey takes on TV contestant at Pall-Ex

Published: 02 May 2013  03:48 PM
Industry Channel: Transport & Distribution 

Hilary Devey has appointed former restaurant waitress Alexzandra Worthington, a contestant from her Channel 4 show, The Intern, to the marketing division of Pall-Ex.
22-year-old Worthington, from Parbold near Wigan, battled it out with two other candidates in the final episode of the show and, despite not winning the job at publishers Mills & Boon, made a big impression on the entrepreneur.
“If I’m honest, I saw a little bit of myself in her, said Hilary, she displayed the same determination and tenacity that I had to have when setting up Pall-Ex.
“Filming The Intern showed me just how many talented youngsters are out there fighting to get a foot on the career ladder. It’s such a competitive marketplace and I’m thrilled to be in a position to be able to help people like Alexzandra and give them the break they deserve.”
Worthington will now take on the role of marketing trainee, working alongside the marketing team at Pall-Ex to support the UK members and help launch the company’s growing number of European networks.
She said: “Before The Intern came along, I was waitressing through necessity. I knew I had much more to give and was determined to prove myself.
“The current jobs market is tough and many people of my age are struggling. It goes to show that you have to persevere and have confidence in your own skills.”
She has relocated to Leicestershire for the new position.

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