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Online retailers target international sales growth

Published: 03 February 2014  03:52 PM
Industry Channel: Transport & Distribution 

Online SME retailers are increasingly looking to international markets to drive sales growth, according to a study by Royal Mail.

Some 59 per SME online retailers who export are targeting international sales growth this year, while 68 per cent will be targeting new international markets to help them to expand internationally.

The USA is the top country being targeted for growth in 2014, the study found. One quarter (26 per cent) of UK SME’s surveyed said USA is a country they do not currently sell to which they will be targeting this year.

Two other English-speaking countries, Canada and Australia, proved popular. And Russia, Germany, Spain and France were also identified as good opportunities. Despite its rapid economic growth, only four per cent said China was an opportunity.

Some 32 per cent are planning to develop a website with the domain address of the country they are targeting, while 21 per cent are planning targeted direct mail campaigns to win new business.

Mark Thomson, managing director of Royal Mail International, said: “The USA and Canada – already strong export destinations – lead the way as the most popular targets for UK e-retailers planning to expand to new international markets in 2014. This shows established English speaking nations remain the strongest regions for potential growth.”

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