Saturday 10th Dec 2016 - Logistics Manager

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Hand in hand with suppliers

Technology is playing an increasingly critical role in enabling organisations to manage their supply chain relationships.

Brexit: The people have spoken

On Thursday 23rd June, the British people voted to leave the European Union. Both remain and leave supporters were shocked by the result – bringing joy for some, and unease for others. But what does it mean for the logistics industry? Alexandra Leonards reports.

The unsung hero

The growing importance of e-commerce and omni-channel is generating new pressures for retail’s silent partner, the packaging industry. Alex Leonards explores some of the changes and challenges being faced in the market.

High society

Managing large scale transport operations has become more challenging as supply chains have become more extended and more complex. More and more organisations are turning to the control tower concept.

Full steam ahead

With demand seemingly insatiable, developers and investors are set to step up a gear with development across the board, but is this good news for occupiers? Liza Helps reports.

Home delivery drives van growth

As more and more people buy online, it takes more and more vans to deliver the goods. Malory Davies reports.

Delivery perfection

Making the perfect delivery is vital to fulfilling the perfect order, an essential requirement in the fickle world of online retail. And increasingly, retailers are turning to carrier management software to improve both quality and efficiency. Malory Davies reports.

Perception of doors

The past few years have seen significant changes in loading bay technology, making it ever more important to get the choices right if the full benefits are to be reaped.

Fashionable solutions

Spiralling online buying is sending the fashion industry into a spin. Does automation hold the key to a more efficient warehouse? Or is it a costly hindrance? Alexandra Leonards looks at automation’s place within the industry.

Future proofing

Are we going to see more rail freight interchanges in the future? Liza Helps reports.