Monday 23rd Jan 2017 - Logistics Manager

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Getting hitched

Innovation has never been more important in the trailer market with pressure to maximise capacity, reduce fuel consumption and meet environmental requirements. Malory Davies reports.

Time to be more narrow-minded

Shifting consumer demands are prompting a warehouse design revolution. Alexandra Leonards explores where narrow aisle trucks fit into the new logistics landscape.

Strategies for a shifting retail landscape

Extensive choice is part of the new shopping experience. But how well is warehouse automation adapting to the growing presence of omni-channel? Alexandra Leonards explores…

New players set to disrupt market

The old certainties are under threat in the pallets market with changes of ownership and new entrants. Malory Davies analyses developments.

Crowded House

With competing land uses and spiralling demand, how is the market faring in West London? Liza Helps reports.

2017 will demand the best from all of us

Outstanding entries from some of Europe’s leading manufacturers and retailers highlight just how far supply chain thinking has developed since the Supply Chain Excellence Awards were launched 20 years ago.

Time to be more revolutionary

Where are you in terms of industrial revolutions? Are you still in the steam age (the first industrial revolution) or implementing cyber-physical systems – now known as the fourth industrial revolution or Industrie 4.0?

Hand in hand with suppliers

Technology is playing an increasingly critical role in enabling organisations to manage their supply chain relationships.

Brexit: The people have spoken

On Thursday 23rd June, the British people voted to leave the European Union. Both remain and leave supporters were shocked by the result – bringing joy for some, and unease for others. But what does it mean for the logistics industry? Alexandra Leonards reports.