Monday 21st Aug 2017 - Logistics Manager

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One-stop shop

When it comes to acquiring a commercial vehicle or forklift truck, customers are looking for flexibility, and a one-stop shop, says Alex Leonards.

Land: they are not making it anymore…

Competing land uses are making it more and more difficult for developers and landlords to deliver logistics space… just how bad is the problem? Liza Helps investigates.

The In and Out club

Automation could be the way forward for many storage and retrieval operations, but what are the key factors determining the optimal choice. Malory Davies investigates.

The world is your warehouse

Inventory management is moving beyond the warehouse. Alex Leonards looks at how the process is changing…

Price of popularity

The West Midlands has the most diverse range of occupiers of any region in the UK, but what does this mean for the logistics industry? Liza Helps investigates.

Modish response to new ‘normal’

Changes to global trading patterns are driving development of multimodal and intermodal logistics solutions, both within Europe and on the New Silk Road. Malory Davies looks at the impact…

Everyone’s tail is growing

Forecasting demand, and then balancing it with supply chain capabilities, has never been straightforward – there was no Golden Age when the customer’s economic order quantity bore any resemblance to the manufacturer’s economic batch quantity. And, says Sam Tulip, demand management is becoming more complex. 

Rising to the challenge

Restricted space and faster fulfilment equals huge pressure in the warehouse, but reach trucks are up to the challenge. Johanna Parsons looks at the options.

Time to bin the paper

Are you at the cutting edge using artificial intelligence, robots and the internet of things – or does your warehouse still rely on pen and paper? Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate the technology used to manage your inventory, says Malory Davies.

Is your racking giving you the right support?

How available warehouse space is used determines warehouse efficiency, and failing to ensure this can have a significant impact on profit margins. Maria Highland examines the challenges…