Wednesday 1st Jul 2015 - Logistics Manager

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The hard cell

There are now cars, buses, trucks and forklifts using fuel cell technology, but, says Malory Davies, while the technology is developing rapidly, the infrastructure to support it is lagging behind.

Pressure on picking

The order picking function has come under greater pressure than ever before with change being driven by the growth of online retail. Alex Whiteman examines some of the challenges.

The new face of retail

Confidence in your carrier is key for contemporary retailers faced with the transformation of their business by online shopping resulting in an increased reliance on home delivery. Alex Whiteman examines the challenges.

Time to win hearts and minds

Demand is growing for S&OP services as companies struggle to come to terms with economic uncertainty and consumer fickleness in the Eurozone and BRIC countries.

Balancing safety with practicality

An ever-changing face of retail has uprooted the look of the warehouse. But during this period of warehouse change, the need for counter-balance trucks has seen little movement. Levels, overall, have remained flat. Technical services manager at Briggs Equipment says that although levels of warehouse equipment have seen a marked increase in recent months, there […]

Can your IT system handle the changes in logistics?

The rapid changes in the retail market are having a massive impact on logistics operations all the way back up the supply chain – and that in turn is affecting what companies are looking for from their supply chain execution system.

Designer logistics

Fashion retail has undergone an unprecedented period of change in the last three to five years, with commentators comparing it to the shock created in the grocery world with the rise of the supermarkets.