Tuesday 27th Jan 2015 - Logistics Manager

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Creative chains

A failure in the supply chain can stop a production line or leave store shelves empty, disappoint customers and ruin a company’s reputation. But there is plenty of creative thinking about how to respond to the challenges, says Malory Davies.

Getting pro-active on visibility

Seeing further down the line is key to understanding and developing a worthwhile transport management system, says Alex Whiteman.

The picking puzzle

The idea that a retailer would only service a single sales channel is a thing of the past. Multiple sales channels are now the order of the day in retail and defining a picking strategy to support them is a critical competitive puzzle.  Malory Davies reports.

Going ‘glocal’

Motor manufacturers are under pressure to balance production concentration with local customisation. It’s being described as “going glocal”, says Alex Whiteman.

Retail revolution under scrutiny

Retail supply chains are having to cope with the rise of multiple sales channels. Increasingly, the focus is on an omni-channel approach – a supply chain capable of supplying a single customer as efficiently as a store. How to do that was what drew leading retailers to the Omni-Channel conference in Birmingham last month.

Re-framing retail

The new ways retailers ply their trade have caused drastic changes within the warehouse, and that's putting automation systems back in the frame. Johanna Parsons reports

The essential link for logistics buyers

Doncaster will be the place to be for savvy equipment buyers when Logistics Link North opens at the racecourse exhibition centre on 15th October

Protect and prosper

Looking after the forklift fleet properly is good for safety – and good for the bottom line. But what are the important considerations? 

No time to neglect the IT system

The pace of technological change is matched only by pace of developments in supply chain thinking.  So perhaps it’s time to re-examine the IT strategy, says Malory Davies.