Sunday 29th Mar 2015 - Logistics Manager

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Logistics to make your business grow

Small and medium sized enterprises face multiple challenges on their entry to market, and easing their entry into the supply chain can help third party logistics providers nurture potentially long-lasting relationships. Alex Whiteman reports.

Technology to take on the big boys

SMEs can be at a disadvantage to their larger rivals when it comes to making use of the latest technology in the warehouse. However, there is a range of storage techniques and equipment that they can use to fine-tune the efficiency of their warehouses to maximise their existing space and compete with bigger competitors.

Time to win hearts and minds

Demand is growing for S&OP services as companies struggle to come to terms with economic uncertainty and consumer fickleness in the Eurozone and BRIC countries.

Balancing safety with practicality

An ever-changing face of retail has uprooted the look of the warehouse. But during this period of warehouse change, the need for counter-balance trucks has seen little movement. Levels, overall, have remained flat. Technical services manager at Briggs Equipment says that although levels of warehouse equipment have seen a marked increase in recent months, there […]

Can your IT system handle the changes in logistics?

The rapid changes in the retail market are having a massive impact on logistics operations all the way back up the supply chain – and that in turn is affecting what companies are looking for from their supply chain execution system.

Designer logistics

Fashion retail has undergone an unprecedented period of change in the last three to five years, with commentators comparing it to the shock created in the grocery world with the rise of the supermarkets.

Tech to keep you ahead of the pack

Staying ahead in the logistics market increasingly means keeping up with developments in information technology. But which IT developments are shaping the way logistics will be done in 2015?

Creative chains

A failure in the supply chain can stop a production line or leave store shelves empty, disappoint customers and ruin a company’s reputation. But there is plenty of creative thinking about how to respond to the challenges, says Malory Davies.