Tuesday 3rd May 2016 - Logistics Manager

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BYD 2.0 & 2.5 Ton Counterbalance

The Chinese trucks with a European flavour

There is a new player in the European materials handling market. Lisa Townshend travels to China to see what makes the technology behind BYD a game changer for forklifts.

Home delivery: Parcel dilemma

Parcel carriers have been investing heavily to ensure they can meet peak season demand. But, asks Johanna Parsons, what about the rest of the year?

Picking at the speed of light (or sound)

In all sectors of industry and commerce, the need to ship orders quickly and accurately has seen a rise in companies looking at ways to improve their order picking processes for efficiency and speed. Lisa Townshend reports.

Racking: A culture of safety

How can operators guarantee their warehouse storage is safe? Well, a good start would be a thorough design, an eye for quality and encouraging a safety culture. Alex Leonards reports…

Spec is a very brave word….

The decline in availability of good quality warehouse space means that speculative development is back on the agenda. But is it all that it’s cracked up to be? Liza Helps reports.

Head in the cloud?

Choosing the right WMS is a complex task, the system has to be appropriate for the particular operation, and then there are decisions to be made on whether to go down the SaaS route. Lisa Townshend considers the options.

Time to look east

The market in East London is bucking the trends but what opportunities does it hold for occupiers? Liza Helps reports.

Energy efficiency on the agenda

New energy saving technologies and innovations could pave the way to more environmentally friendly operations. Alexandra Leonards reports.

Are you picking the right strategy?

Retailers and their suppliers face some hard choices as they attempt to keep pace with changing consumer behaviours, and no-where is the impact more apparent than at the pick-face. Malory Davies explores the issues.

Big sheds: Pushing ahead with spec development

The market has swung in favour of landlords, and rents are increasing, but speculative starts last quarter hit their highest level since the start of 2007, so it is not all bad news for the occupier. Liza Helps reports.