Tuesday 1st Dec 2015 - Logistics Manager

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Omni-Channel Conference

Are you ready for Black Friday?

The rewards of online retailing are very clear, but dealing with operational issues such as the Black Friday spike and dealing with returns can make it a minefield. A line-up of top industry professionals will be tackling the toughest issues at the Omni-Channel Conference later this month.

New ways of thinking

Companies bring in consultants for a range   of reasons, but perhaps the most valuable is to bring new thinking to a business problem. Alex Whiteman reports.

Has BYOD had its day?

There are lots of advantages to enabling employees to use their smart phones for work, but there are also problems. And now, says Malory Davies, there is evidence that some employers are turning away from the idea of Bring Your Own Device.

High and Mighty

Control towers are a critical way that companies can maintain visibility of logistics operations across a number of sites. Alex Whiteman looks at the pros and cons.

Prêt à livrer

Fashion has been one of the big hits of online shopping, but for the retailer the cost of getting the goods to the customer and then dealing with the returns is a significant issue. Malory Davies looks at how automation can reduce the cost to serve.

How E is changing the Bay strategy

E-commerce is having an impact right across the retail supply chain – and especially at the loading bay. Alex Whiteman reports.

Forklift trucks: Optimism returns

More confidence in the manufacturing sector is being reflected in a boost for sales of counterbalance trucks, says Alex Whiteman.