Sunday 23rd Oct 2016 - Logistics Manager

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Logistics needs incentives to lower emissions

At a recent Alliance for European Logistics (AEL) summit, logistics professionals called for the industry and governments to incentivise innovation to lower carbon emissions.

Cool glass cuts Samskip’s emissions

Samskip expects to cut office cooling energy at its Rotterdam headquarters by half after installing specially laminated glass that blocks infra-red rays but not daylight.


Emission plans could lock businesses out of London

London mayor Sadiq Khan wants to pull forward plans to make commercial vehicles in London meet tougher emission standards – a move that the Freight Transport Association warned could “lock some small businesses out of the London market altogether”.

New standard for Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme

FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, has released the latest issue of its FORS Standard (version 4.0), saying it is easier to understand and contains more specific guidance on how FORS applies not only to trucks, but also to vans and to PSVs.

Iveco Z Truck  449345

Iveco unveils sustainable Z Truck

Iveco has unveiled a concept vehicle, the “Z Truck”, designed to be a zero-impact vehicle for a totally sustainable transport system.