Friday 22nd Feb 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Proving the RFID point!

There has been a lot of industry comment about why end users in the UK are not rushing to implement radio frequency (RFID) technology to further improve their supply chains. The general consensus is that companies are not sure how best to use the technology to their advantage – tracking high value goods is one thing, but what about a can of baked beans?

Equally, a number of third-party logistics companies have been trialling RFID for their customers. Yet none of these companies appear to be rushing to reveal the results of those pilot schemes. Why?

The high cost of the RFID tags themselves has also been blamed for companies not using the technology.

So it is refreshing to see that mobile computing, wireless data collection and RFID technologies specialist Psion Teklogix is putting its money where its mouth is and using RFID to further improve customer service at its hardware repairs centre at Aix En Province, France (see page 6). Psion Teklogix is a stalwart supporter of the technology, and is using the technology to prioritise customer repairs by offering a same-day or three-day turnaround service.

The company has long been extolling the virtues of RFID. However, there is no better way for a company to get the message across than by using the technology itself.