Friday 19th Oct 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine


Linde Material Handling has launched its latest offering – the X range of reach trucks featuring several “revolutionary” changes designed to offer ergonomic, operational and economic benefits.

The main change is the location of the truck’s battery. Rather than the conventional placing between the operator and the mast, the battery on the X range is under the operator’s compartment making the cabin a spacious workstation without the chassis length having been increased, making it ideal for narrow aisle working.

The space-saving development has resulted in a wide seat with full suspension and two adjustable armrests – the left armrest features a compact steering wheel while fingertip controls are integrated into the right armrest – all of which are designed to put minimal physical demand on the operator while enabling high efficiency levels to be maintained throughout a shift, without fatigue.

Also, the seat is closer the to mast and fork carriage. The mast frame uprights provide the operator with an ultra-wide visibility window which is almost twice as wide as that found on a conventional reach truck mast.

Productivity and economy is improved as the mast is permanently fixed to the chassis and does not reach backwards and forward ? a traversing fork carriage provides the reach movement instead. Oscillation is minimal during the storage / retrieval sequences, while the fork carriage is much lighter and traverses just 170mm in either direction to quicker cycle times with less energy used per work cycle.

The X range is equipped with Linde’s “intelligent” digital controller to ensure a seamless and efficient transfer of energy from the battery to power the traction, left and steering motors.