Wednesday 17th Oct 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Retailer outsources reverse logistics review

The House of Fraser has extended its relationship with iForceTM by contracting the fulfilment and returns business to manage the electrical returns for all its stores. The move follows a successful six-month pilot which started in July last year.

iForce, using its proprietary ReSCUTM technology, has achieved a return-to-supplier rate of almost double that previously experienced by House of Fraser, whilst paving the way for the process rollout across all stores in less than ten months. On the back of this achievement, iForce has been invited by House of Fraser to review reverse logistics opportunities for other non-electrical returns categories.

Iain Beveridge, operations director of iForce, says: “Returns management for a major retailer such as House of Fraser is a complex process requiring constant dialog and attention to detail to ensure that the level of service demanded by House of Fraser can be met or exceeded at all times.

Duncan Aspden, head of logistics at House of Fraser, comments: “Since the start of the pilot project, iForce has demonstrated an outstanding understanding of our business needs. House of Fraser is now using one of the most advanced reverse logistics operations in the UK and we’ve been able to show significant added value to purchasing and stock management decisions.”