Wednesday 27th May 2020 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Synchronised data to impact supply and demand

Major retailers including Tesco and Makro Cash & Carry UK have signed up to UK Data Pool, a quality assured solution designed to unlock supply chain efficiencies to more than 3,000 UK retailers and suppliers.

GS1 UK, the independent body responsible for promoting supply chain efficiency and standards within the UK has launched the system – the UK’s first Global Data Synchronisation (GDS) standards compliant data pool – in partnership with data quality services provider UDEX and GXS, provides B2B e-commerce solutions.

The GS1 UK Data Pool is designed to provide a one-stop-shop for all UK subscribers wishing to transact with partners worldwide. The UK Data Pool is projected to have 3,000-plus suppliers and 300,000 items within the system before the end of this year, making it the largest GDS compliant data pool in the world.

The benefits of clean, synchronised data are numerous including improved availability and order fulfilment. Clean, synchronised data will therefore have a sizeable impact on the “bottom line” profitability for supply and demand-side trading partners alike.

Colin Cobain, chief information officer at Tesco, comments: “The launch of the UK Data Pool is a significant opportunity to solve the major problem of inaccurate data. This presents a major opportunity for our UK suppliers to have a ‘one-stop-shop’ for supplying data to both ourselves and their other retail partners in accordance with both global and UK industry requirements.”

The UK Data Pool is geared to meeting the specific needs of the UK industry, in particular ongoing support and investment protection for suppliers using UDEX New Lines capability to get data to UK retailers. It gives suppliers the ability to create accurate data and share it with the broadest possible range of data recipients – initially in the UK and with the potential for global reach.

Philip Steedman, e-commerce manager for Makro Cash & Carry, says: “The UK data pool is critical to our supply chain strategy. Thanks to global data synchronisation, our UK suppliers will now use the UK data pool as their single point of entry while our systems will be synchronised with SINFOS, the German data pool service of METRO Group. This will ensure that changes made by our UK suppliers are automatically replicated within our own systems, improving catalogue maintenance, order management and fulfilment, as well as ultimately speeding up the time it takes to bring goods to market.”