Saturday 20th Oct 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Battery charge and change vital

Boots has moved over to the ArcaCOMBO reusable plastic IBC from Schoeller Arca Systems. The product concept, based on large foldable containers with flexible liner bags, makes the container a popular alternative to other bag-in-box or IBC products.

The Schoeller ArcaCOMBO has a disposable liner bag which is placed inside the box and filled with liquid, making the product extremely hygienic. Boots chose the container to significantly reduce labour and service costs, compared with traditional IBC boxes or steel framed bag-in box-alternatives.

Another attractive feature was the containers’ robust and shock resistant design. To greatly reduce operating costs, Boots decided to buy its own fleet of boxes. Any peaks in demand are met by renting the products, at very competitive rates, from one of Schoeller Arca System’s pooling partners, Arlington Packaging. The lightweight boxes, weighing less than 90kg, are used to transport bulk quantities of Boots products such as oils and creams, around the production factory in Nottingham. The collapsible boxes fold to around a third of their normal size when empty.

Brian Jordan, manufacturing operations manager at Boots, comments: “The Schoeller ArcaCOMBO has provided us with considerable cost savings compared to conventional systems. Flexibility has improved as we can now move stock around the factory and supply to our foreign factories and outworkers. Other benefits include reduced water consumption through the removal of cleaning, and we can now store bulks that would set at ambient temperatures for a number of days due to the insulation properties of the box design.”