Friday 18th Jan 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Oversized cartons up to 20kg accommodated

Clarks’ new central distribution centre in Street, Somerset has been completed by Stow Storage Solutions. The work was handled through Knapp Logistik Automation as part of its materials handling solution.

Shoe company Clarks is in the process of commissioning the purpose-designed building, the largest of its kind in the UK, on a seven-hectare site adjacent to its existing facility.

Knapp Logistik Automation was appointed as main contractor for the total materials handling process for the new centre which will handle the majority of deliveries to UK and European outlets.

The carton store is designed to handle standard and oversized cartons with a maximum load of 20kg.

Each of the 25 automated stacker crane aisles is 124m long and 14m (25 cartons) high, with the cartons locating “double deep” on specially designed, locked galvatite decks. Within the Carton Store, Stow also supplied crane rails, end of aisle security and safety fencing.

A particular requirement of this scheme was the provision at high level of safe access platforms for maintaining the cranes. These platforms were specially designed to provide access to equipment in adjacent aisles.

In addition to the carton store the contract called for the supply of Carton Live Storage and shelving in the forward pick area. Careful design and Stow’s experience of similar installations for clients such as Kingfield Heath, Games Stores and PDQ allowed the integration of this equipment, within a two-level mezzanine structure and with more than 2,000m of conveyors.