Monday 18th Feb 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

IT Update

BrightHouse is using Intentia International’s Java-based business solution which puts in place a supply chain and services infrastructure that will provide the UK retailer of home electronics, domestic appliances and household furniture with a single automated stock and services system fully integrated with the existing store and central systems. The integration enables improved visibility of stock in the business, from entry to exit, by enabling continued, uninterrupted tracking. BrightHouse needed a single robust stock management system that would reduce workload and improve control across the business by removing duplicate data entry and automating processes.

Procurement and supply chain specialist TiVA has won a contract with Bradford & Bingley following a two-month pilot of its intelligent supplier profiling solution – Profiler. Bradford & Bingley chose Profiler because of its capability to improve procurement efficiency through more effectively managed buyer-supplier relationships. Profiler captures supplier information through an online questionnaire to increase buyer insight into what is often a highly segmented supplier base spanning a multitude of sectors. The solution empowers buyers to define strengths, scrutinise weaknesses and measure supplier match to corporate requirements all within one user-friendly Web-based portal. Last year Bradford & Bingley’s 8,000 suppliers received total payments exceeding £250M.

Bosch Security Systems (BSS) is using Manhattan Associates’ Warehouse Management and Performance Management components of the Integrated Logistics Solutions. BSS will leverage the scalability and advanced functionality of Manhattan’s Warehouse Management solution for Open Systems to support distribution centres (DCs) in the Netherlands, the US and Singapore. The company had sought a warehouse management solution that would not only help streamline its respective DCs’ needs, but also handle the demands of a globally expanding business and client base.