Thursday 14th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Banana cage leads to minimal handling

Supermarket chain Tesco has a new logistics and point-of-sale solution for bananas. The solution, by Wanzl, is the wheeled Banana Cage which enables the fruit to be kept moving straight through the supply chain to store with minimal handling.

Andy Duckworth, senior buying manager for corporate purchasing at Tesco, says: “Bananas supplied to the store are usually packaged in shallow cardboard boxes which lend themselves to in-store presentation without having to pack them out onto shelves or trays. So they were a natural target for a creative solution which would get the goods out to point-of-sale as efficiently as possible.”

Designed to be loaded with boxes of bananas at a supplier’s distribution centre, the Wanzl Banana Cage can be wheeled through Tesco’s own distribution network and delivered direct to the retail stores without the boxes being touched. The metal framework cage, which holds ten boxes, can then be wheeled directly from store stock room to sales area and used as a point-of-sale dispensing unit.

Once emptied, the cage begins its journey back up the Tesco supply chain and is replaced with another fully loaded one.