Monday 18th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Stacking no problem for space savers

Two years ago Walki-Wisa decided to streamline its operation in line with market demand and improve productivity. As a result it found that there was a significant benefit for purchasing and supplying paper reels with a 1,800mm diameter but only send out 1,500mm diameter reels due to the limitations of their finishing machines.

These reels were physically bigger and heavier which brought problems with handling and storage as space was limited at the Garstang production facility.

Walki-Wisa had operated two trucks to unload and store the reels – a Hyster H5.50XM and a Hyster S6.00XL – as well as two Hyster Pedestrian Reel Carriers to handle the reels in the production area. As Walki-Wisa had a long partnership with Barloworld Handling it turned to the company to solve the problem.

After talks with Hyster’s Special Products Engineering Department, it decided the best solution was to increase the capacity of the trucks to 9,000kg. Combined with the Auramo Paper roll clamps a 9,000kg truck could handle the new 4,500kg reels and would be able to stack the paper reels three high.

As the existing trucks were financed through Barloworld Finance, Barloworld offered the flexibility to terminate the lift trucks and replace them with models suitable to handle the new reel sizes. The only problem left was finding a 9,000kg capacity truck that could operate in the space required.

Walki-Wisa, part of UPM – Kymmene Group, produces reel packaging, ream wrapping and barrier board at its Garstang production. The products include reel packaging which uses polyethylene laminated kraft paper and has protection against both mechanical and moisture damage to protect the paper reel, as on a typical journey from Scandinavia to central Europe a reel can be handled up to 15 times.

Ream wrapping is also produced which is used for wrapping reams of paper for photocopying and printing and protects against both moisture and mechanical damage. Barrier board, an extrusion coated and laminated board that is used for cartons and boxes especially in the food industry, is also produced.

Streamlining its production process in 2003 to just these three product lines meant that production increased from 69 tonnes to 90 per day, a 50% increase over nine months.

To unload and load the reels in the yard area Walki-Wisa selected the Hyster H9.00XM, however this lift truck could not stack the 1,800mm reels in the warehouse after offloading them from lorries due to its physical size. The final solution was found with one of Hyster’s latest additions to the Space Saver Range. Barloworld offered an S9.00XL-2 (9,000kg @ 900mm load centre) truck to store the reels in the existing reel stores’ operating aisles.

Peter Day, production manager, comments: “We have worked with Barloworld Handling for a long time and knew of their capabilities when it came to solutions to problems. The new truck is working extremely well and the operators are very comfortable with it, we also prefer the rubber faced pads on the clamps as they are better for lifting shrink wrapped product.”Food