Tuesday 19th Feb 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Floor markings aids health and safety

The latest in a series of warehouse floor marking projects for Walkers Snack Foods has been completed by ASG Services. The installation at the manufacturer’s Glasgow regional distribution centre has seen some 2.5km of lines used to define a series of individual ‘block stack’ pallet storage lanes together with external pedestrian walkways designed to provide an important health and safety feature at the site.

Accommodating products from the Walkers and Quaker range, the warehouse is dedicated primarily to the storage of the well known ‘Quaker Oats’ range of products. The floor marking is the final stage in a refurbishment project that has seen the location rejoin the Walkers distribution network following its use by a separate third party. All the line marking was done within three days of order.

“The warehouse in Glasgow is based on block stacking with the lanes designed for the optimum housing of pallets,” says Garry Lock, Walkers warehouse support manager. “This not only allows us to maximise storage capacity but also provides us with the ideal layout for both long store and rapid retrieval products. Consequently a variety of lane dimensions is used to accommodate depths of seven, eight and 13 pallets – the latter being designed to take a full trailer of fast moving products.”

The lines use a chlorinated rubber material applied via line laser, allowing the operator to achieve a highly accurate and consistent finish. As it is a one-part coating any minor maintenance can be undertaken by Walkers using widely available aerosol paints.