Monday 18th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Pallet container solutions offer durability

SCA Packaging Industrial Division‘s new Stax palletised container is an integrated pallet solution which using second generation fibreboard technology to create a combined case and pallet strong enough for export, light enough for airfreight and clean enough for use in the Pharma pharmaceutical and food industries. Warehouse & Logistics News went to Hinckley to meet him and his colleagues and hear how Stax and SCA Packaging’s other products are transforming the way SCA Packaging’s customers move goods around the world.

The Stax range of palletised containers is the latest example in the consistent track record of innovation that has won SCA Packaging’s Industrial Division 52 Starpack awards from the UK Institute of Packaging and 9 international awards since 1993.

Stax’s container element comes in a variety of configurations and remains strong and durable throughout its journey. The pallet component comes in standard UK and European pallet sizes, and offers four-way entry for fork lift trucks’ forks. Its fibreboard construction means it can be exported without the usual worries surrounding timber pallets and the pinewood nematode worm.

The product is also much lighter than timber, so offers considerable cost savings for airfreight and the total product is 100% recyclable.

Stax started development in January 2003 as one of the many SCA Ppackaging innovations being explored at any time. It was officially launched at the Midlands Manufacturing Exhibition in March 2004. It was also highlighted to the logistics industry at SCA Packaging’s stand at the ILT exhibition in June at Exel, and will be part of SCA’s offering to the food industry at the International Food Exhibition in March. SCA Packaging has three patents for Stax integrated pallet solutions currently pending across Europe.

“Stax doesn’t mean the end of traditional wood pallets,” says Martyn Reader, “but could mean the beginning of the end, just as RFID could mean the beginning of the end for bar codes. However Stax’s advent won’t change our overall approach to packaging solutions. We look at each customer’s situation, and design the ideal packaging solution. If Stax isn’t right, we have plenty of other options.”

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