Monday 18th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Replenishment and inventory functions included

Vocollect has expanded the functionality delivered by its Voice-Directed Distribution offering to include several new distribution centre applications, a new series of speech recognition headsets, and further operational improvements to its Talkman wearable computer.

The Voice-Directed Distribution solution improves warehouse and distribution centre performance by applying the latest in text-to-speech, speech recognition and wireless wearable computing technologies to facilitate one-to-one communication between workers and their warehouse management system (WMS).

The release of both Vocollect VoiceDirect and Vocollect VoiceLink 2.0 Management Software sees the core set of applications having been expanded beyond voice-directed selection to include other critical distribution functions, including put-away, replenishment, inventory transfers and line-loading.

The SR-30 Series Talkman High-Noise Headset is the latest addition to Vocollect’s growing line of speech recognition headsets. Weighing just 200g, the headset is designed for use with the Talkman mobile, wearable computer and is specifically engineered to offer comfort, performance and reliability in high-decibel industrial and distribution centre environment.

Features include a flexible boom microphone immune to the effects of moisture and condensation, and an innovative three-position Speech GrooveT memory which enables users to adjust the microphone easily and repeatedly to their preferred position.

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