Saturday 16th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

High load-handling throughput available

Crown Lift Trucks has added two new special application models to its range of stackers and pallet trucks.

The WD 2300S double stacker with fold-down platform stacker is designed to handle the latest loading technologies in large volume vehicles, and offer high load-handling throughput levels in warehouses – it can transport two pallets, each weighing 1,000kg, simultaneously.

The forks can raise 1,000kg loads to a maximum height of 2,100mm, while the outriggers are designed for an extra load of 1,000kg, or 2,000kg if the forks are lowered.

The WP 2340S pallet truck (shown) features a fixed operator platform can move goods up to 2,000kg over long distances. The operator platform is built from steel and features a cushioned backrest and an inward facing grab bar at the rear. The driver operates the control handle with one hand while the other hand holds the grab bar.