Saturday 17th Nov 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Fleet management in real-time

Trafficlink, a leading provider of real-time traffic and travel information, is targeting the fleet and logistics sector of its new REGIS product, a web-based traffic and travel information service. The company has been aggregating real-time traffic and travel data for more than ten years and provides a variety of information and broadcast services to UK commercial radio, the BBC, Teletext, the AA, ITV, Government and the UK telematics industry.

REGIS provides the control room operator with highly detailed real-time traffic and travel information accessed according to the needs of the individual operator, providing more effective fleet management, improved productivity and reduced downtime and delays. It also provides control rooms with specific incident and severity information, enabling operators to use their own skill and judgement to manage their fleet.

Specific REGIS product features include:

  • Web-based delivery, eliminating specialist equipment, installation, training or maintenance costs.
  • Full customisation to suit the specific needs of each operator by region, road and route.
  • Traffic Alert, using an instant ‘push’ email report of route specific traffic problems.
  • Priced on a standard set-up charge together with an uplift based on individual operator numbers.

Nick Somper, TrafficLink chief executive, says; “For ten years Trafficlink has been supplying highly accurate real-time traffic and travel information through a number of different channels. We now feel that the application of that information within a transport and logistics environment is highly relevant given the increasing operating and cost demands being placed on commercial fleets. With its zero installation, training and maintenance costs, REGIS provides enhanced routing and fleet optimisation at very attractive price levels.”