Monday 18th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Florist identifies delivery inefficiencies

Interflora British Unit has undertaken a major analysis exercise to gain a clearer picture of the resources that are involved within the organisation’s delivery network. With the aid of a new pricing matrix based on travel time and distance, which has been developed with the help of the GeoConcept geographic information system from MapMechanics, Interflora can now pinpoint what a delivery actually involves.

The system can work out the best-placed florist businesses to serve each of the organisation’s 35,000 delivery locations in Britain, Ireland and Channel Islands, and calculate the real-world time it would take to reach those locations from each starting point. This information enables Interflora to calculate the delivery payments required on a standardised basis for the first time.

The system has also highlighted areas of low network coverage, and situations where members were travelling very long distances to delivery points, incurring disproportionately high transport fees.

Interflora’s network delivers flowers and related products in Britain, Ireland and Channel Islands through a network of 1,850 independent member florists.