Sunday 17th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

FLT-mounted RFID data collection

LXE is working with Intel and Sirit to produce the first robust, forklift-mounted RFID data collection solutions for use in warehousing and distribution. The aim is for the three companies to produce solutions that will enable customers to garner the benefits of RFID throughout their warehouse, beyond simple compliance.

As the lead in this development, LXE will bring 35-plus years of experience in developing wireless products and solutions, extensive antenna engineering talent through its sister divisions in EMS Technologies, and a customer base including most the top companies implementing RFID in their supply chain operations today.

The new systems will use the Intel IXP4XX product line of network processors for application processing and network transmission. The processors are based on high- performance, low-power Intel XScale technology, enabling implementation in a variety of form factors.

Sirit brings its leading RFID design capabilities to the collaboration and will provide the RFID expertise and RFID reader module components supporting EPCglobal Class 0, Class 0+, Class 1 and UHF Gen2 protocols. The reader will leverage Sirit’s existing technology collaboration with Intel to produce standards-based building block technology for RFID readers.

“As companies move beyond pure compliance operations, it becomes evident that a robust, reliable implementation for forklift-based operations is required,” says Dick Sorenson, LXE director of product management. “With a mutual commitment to open standards, we’ve got the right team mates in Sirit and Intel with complementary skills to meet the challenge.”