Friday 15th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Dust and debris no problem for FLTs

Rolls-Royce is using Daewoo forklifts at one of the most modern foundries in Europe. In amongst the giant furnaces, grinding bays, sandblasting units and spray booths of the manufacturer’s Bergen engine foundry, are a variety of Daewoo forklifts including diesel trucks from three to ten tonnes and electric two and three tonne trucks.

The forklifts are being used inside and out, in a 24-hour three-shift system that runs five days a week.

The iron foundry supplies the adjacent marine engine factory, home to the ‘Bergen B’ engine, the world’s most powerful spark-ignited gas engine. Providing 70 tonnes a day of cylinder heads, flywheels and huge engine blocks, the foundry has extensive safety and air filtration systems helping it to achieve ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 quality accreditation.

A highly skilled workforce, regularly handling metals in excess of 1,000ºC produce complicated top-quality castings for marine engines, wharf bollards and the burgeoning wind turbine market.

“The environment is very demanding,” says Tore Bjølverud, of Daewoo Truck Norway. “Dust and debris from the castings are inevitably going to impact upon the truck performance, yet the Daewoo trucks have survived where a raft of competitor trucks have failed.”

Rolls-Royce marine maintenance supervisor Lars Jørgen Sandal believes the simplicity of the Daewoo truck is the key to the tough capabilities. He says: “It’s easy for the dust to destroy the truck controls where there are too many electrical components. The Daewoo trucks are simple, but very good.”