Thursday 21st Feb 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Handheld labelling cuts downtimeTray system simplifies packaging

Checkpoint Systems UK has secured a major new deal to upgrade the hand held labelling system used by health and beauty giant Boots the Chemist. When Boots required a more professional way of labelling its promotional items that meant they no longer had to hand write reduction labels, retail solutions expert Checkpoint was literally on hand.

The price projection of promotional offers and clearance lines is crucial to ensuring the sell through of those lines. Poor communication of the promotional offer can result in reduced sales due to low customer awareness. Recognising this problem, Checkpoint secured the contract to supply 1,750 hand held labelling tools and custom made labels from its Mega Meto range to all 1,450 Boots the Chemist stores.

Simple to use and low maintenance, Mego Meto is ideal for in-store use. With an optional ‘giant’ adjustable print head it produces distinctive fluorescent red Was/Now Clearance labels of 36mm x 35mm proportions printed with black lettering.

Gary Squance, knowledge manager at Boots Group, comments: “We have worked with Hand Labelling Solutions (HLS) division of Checkpoint for many years and could appreciate the benefits of the solutions offered.

“We were considerably impressed with Checkpoint’s labelling product portfolio and were confident that they would be able to provide us with more than just a pricing labelling tool but an effective solution that would meet our promotional and specific product pricing requirements.”

The new labelling system was initially trialled at three stores. The system was so effective in clearly highlighting promotional items and increasing sales that it gained board level approval at Boots and was rolled out to all stores allowing staff to price up thousands of products quickly and efficiently. n David Nuttall, managing director for Checkpoint Systems UK, says: “Boots offers an extensive range of health & beauty products and frequently offer these at individually discounted prices. It was very important that we provided an improved and reliable labelling solution that was able to produce both pre-prepared and bespoke promotional pricing labels. The labelling tools we supplied to Boots were tailored to meet their requirements, including a colour side flashing.”n When a major manufacturer of water treatment equipment for both the commercial and industrial sectors developed a new flushing pump suitable for the pan European market, the company decided that existing packaging – a simple box with the accessories filling the voids – was inadequate for full product protection during distribution.

The company turned to DS Smith Burwell which solved the problem by creating a special profile tray that fulfilled two key elements. The complete hose system winds neatly inside the tray and the trapezium-shaped sides prevent any movement of the heavy metal end connections in transit. Also, the open aperture was designed to allow the vulnerable casters, necessary for machine operating manoeuvrability, to sit inside the lip, yet small enough to support the body of the machine. In addition the tray’s shape gives higher than normal strength, particularly in stacking, allowing a medium strength double to be selected for the self-locking tray.

The packing operation has been much simplified and by placing the machine onto the tray the previous lifting height has been reduced by 60%, addressing all manual-handling concerns. The machine is then strapped to the tray, which has hand holes to assist later handling, and a half-slotted container with fully overlapping flaps completes the pack.