Monday 18th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Controller maintains exact movement

A Samuk HR14 reach truck equipped with a 5.5m triple mast and side shift has been delivered to Toms Confectionery in Poole by local dealer Albion Fork Lift Trucks of Bournemouth. Danish company Toms, which has its UK headquarters in Blackpool, manufactures gums and jellies at its Poole facility, principally for major supermarkets.

The company has already had a 12-month trouble-free experience with a Samuk gas-powered forklift, also supplied by Albion, and had no hesitation in choosing a reach truck from the same supplier.

According to Toms project manager Ray Wallis: “We have been very happy with both the performance of our first Samuk trucks and the aftersales service provided by Albion and so were keen to maintain the relationship when the time came to replace our warehouse truck.

The robustly constructed HR14 has a capacity of 1,400 kg at a 600mm load centre and features a reliable Curtis Mosfet controller combined with an SEM-type motor for precise movement in all circumstances. The machine is also very easy to operate and maintain and is highly manoeuvrable because of its three-wheel, 180-degree steering system.