Wednesday 13th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Half size pallet cuts costs

Allibert Helix has launched a new half size version of its popular Retenpack sump pallet. The 800mm x 600mm size Retenpack is designed to prevent costly spills and leaks of potentially dangerous liquids from storage containers.

The 100% plastic sump is resistant to most corrosive substances, will not rust and incorporates a removable ventilated pallet deck. The half size Retenpack is ideal for use by a variety of industries including engineering, chemical and waste management.

The flat pallet deck features large drainage holes to allow spilt liquid to empty quickly and efficiently into the sump and is easily removed to aid cleaning or to allow the sump and pallet to be used separately. Its smooth, rounded design promotes hygiene and helps to prevent operator injury.

The Retenpack sump wall rises above the deck of the pallet on all four sides by 85mm ensuring safe transportation of liquid containers. Low cost and maintenance free, the half size Retenpack safe storage features help to reduce potential environmental and compensation costs.

The pallet like base comprises nine feet making it compatible with forklift and other pallet handling equipment. Individual half size Retenpack sump pallets are 230mm high, weigh just 8.3kg and can be stacked to save space when not in use.

For more information, tel: 01527 882882.