Friday 15th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Superior power despite smaller size

Chloride Motive Power has launched a new single phase High Frequency charger. The ZH1700 is available in several varieties to suit classic “flooded”, low maintenance and gel maintenance free batteries – as used on a wide range of small counterbalance trucks, low level order pickers, high level order pickers, powered pallet trucks, scissor lifts and cleaning machines.

Its superior performance compared to conventional chargers mean that it is a fraction of the size of an equivalent conventional charger and weighs less than 8kg. It is suitable for amperes up to 460Ah.

Other advantages include multi-charge profiles for different battery profiles and a far more efficient conversion of the energy from the mains – offering eight and 12 hour recharge times. battery. The ZH1700 has anLED light system so that users can tell at a glance whether the battery is charging, fully-charged or capable of being disconnected.

For further information, tel: 01204 661460.