Monday 18th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Long loads no object for pedestrian truck

Hubtex, which makes multidirectional fork trucks in diesel, LPG and electric power, has developed the EGPL 4 Way Pedestrian truck. The truck has been used for many years in the textile Industry but has now been launched to the mainstream materials handling market.

It has been designed primarily for companies who need to handle long loads in confined spaces indoors and in some cases, outdoors as well. It can also handle standard sized pallets but work in a much smaller space than a standard pallet truck. A typical multidirectional truck costs about £40,000 but this new truck costs a very small fraction of this.

Carrying capacity is up to 1,600kg with lift heights available up to 5,500mm. The truck is AC-Powered and uses the same quality components that are common on the larger Hubtex trucks.

For further information, tel: 01908 271245.