Monday 18th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager


Food service provider 3663 is using Psion Teklogix’ TekSpeech solution to reduce costs by increasing productivity and accuracy, and providing real-time information to employees. 3663’s logistics division distributes products for customers such as Burger King, Pret a Manger and Compass and previously relied on a paper and batch driven system to handle 200 million stock transactions and 37 million cases per year across its warehouse operations.

With the recent addition of Pizza Hut and KFC as customers, this caseload will increase to more than 50 million. To meet the growing needs of its rapidly expanding customer base, 3663 needed a solution that would help it streamline processes to become more efficient.

By replacing its paper-based system with the TekSpeech solution will offer 3663’s staff the advantages of having a hands- and eyes-free working environment, a higher degree of job satisfaction rather then equipment satisfaction and a natural and highly efficient user interface.

The results are increased accuracy and productivity, shorter employee training time, increased worker safety and real-time information. During peak times, when supervisors are occupied with other tasks, employees can be trained easily to learn new warehouse functions. The solution will help 3663 to increase the flexibility of its workforce, positioning the company to better meet the needs of its customers and maintain its competitive advantage in the industry.

Phil Oliver, supply chain manager at 3663, says: “We have been interested in speech technology for a number of years, and understand the benefits it will provide to our business and our customers. Clearly this is a major change in both culture and process for our company, and we are extremely passionate about the business we operate and the service we deliver.”