Monday 18th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

FSA reduces operating costs

DaimlerChrysler UK, Royal Mail Logistics and Marks & Spencer’s (M&S) Food Division are all trialling heavy goods vehicles equipped with the innovative new Fuel Saving Aerodynamics (FSA) system created by Piper Design. This follows the first-year success of FSA on 86 trucks on M&S’ general merchandise fleet, which is run by distribution company Joint Retail Logistics.

The trials promise to make the FSA cab and trailer devices a more common site on British roads, to cut carbon dioxide emissions by thousands of tonnes per year, and to save fleet operators millions of pounds per year in fuel costs. By applying aerodynamic principles learned in the ultra-competitive world of motorsport, FSA has updated the bodywork design of truck cabs and trailers, reducing aerodynamic drag to improve fuel consumption.

Developed in the wind-tunnel and originally refined during more than one million kilometres of on-the-road trials, FSA is proven to improve fuel consumption on average by anything from 5% to 14% (depending on the specification) over current market-leading aerodynamic kits. FSA reduces running costs by about £1,600 per cab, and £3,200 per cab-and-trailer unit, per year.

Piper Design’s managing director, John Piper, says: “There are just 90 FSA-equipped trucks on British roads today, but by this time next year there could easily be ten times that number. Between them, they’ll be drinking £2M less fuel every year and pumping out 5,000 tonnes less carbon dioxide every year. With FSA, you’re saving the planet and you’re saving money!”