Tuesday 12th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Fulfilling the home PC market!

Tiny.com and Amtrak Express Parcels have joined forces to meet the growing demand for deliveries of PCs and multi-media systems to homes around the UK. The £3M contract sees Amtrak delivering 2,000 parcels on next-day services. Convenient evening and Saturday delivery options give Tiny.com a key service advantage in its primary home PC market.

The Amtrak contract includes three staff onsite working as an integral part of Tiny’s operations. The two companies will share all operational information via the web, with Tiny’s offices connected to Amtrak’s own Intranet, giving Tiny.com up-to-the-minute customer service information.

Tiny.com is taking advantage of Amtrak’s fast-response collections service which uses a specially-developed NetDespatch online booking system. Via the web, this instantly alerts any of Amtrak’s 100 regional offices so collections can be made the next day, boosting Tiny’s repair and return services.

Amtrak collects nightly consignments from Tiny’s manufacturing and assembly facility in Burnley, and can deliver next-day with final despatch as late as 8.30pm allowing Tiny.com to fulfil more each day and respond quickly to customer requests. Tiny.com customers can opt for evening deliveries up until 8pm or deliveries on Saturday mornings.