Monday 18th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

IT Update

Procurement and supply chain specialist TiVA has signed the NSPCC to its intelligent supplier management and profiling solution Profiler, which captures supplier information through an online intelligent questionnaire process before mapping suppliers’ scored responses against predefined corporate buyer requirements. The NSPCC maintains a purchasing budget of nearly £40M and maintains a supplier base of more than 2,000 relationships, which takes the organisation considerable time to manage, maintain and develop.

Atlas Copco companies Rock Drills and Secoroc have placed an order with IT company Syncron and is investing in a global solution for Vendor Managed Inventories. More than 30 sales companies all over the world within Atlas Copco will become part of a joint system for automatic stock refill. This order is an example of how large global companies focus on improving customer service and reducing stock levels to improve growth and profitability. With the solution from Syncron the flow of goods throughout the supply chain is managed based on end customers’ demand. Stock levels are optimised according to demand, and stocks are refilled automatically.

Manhattan Associates, which provides supply chain execution and optimisation solutions, has released an enhanced version of its EPC Manager solution so that customers can boost accuracy, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and experience greater visibility and improved security within their supply chains through the use of RFID functionality. EPC Manager’s latest enhancements include enterprise serial number management, centralised track and trace capabilities, inbound/outbound order and container validation and additional support of compliance requirements using XML-based configuration. Manhattan developed this component of its RFID in a Box solution in response to companies wanting to implement RFID capabilities without having to replace established supply chain systems.