Friday 15th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Dispensing with picking errors

Gateshead Health NHS Trust has contracted Siemens Logistics and Assembly Systems to provide an “Apostore” automated dispensing system for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s pharmacy in Gateshead.

The order covers the design and supply of a dispensing system for up to 24,000 packs incorporating two robots, conveyors, automatic product scanning, and dispensing stations.

The system, which will be capable of storing and retrieving up to 1,200 packs per hour, will be installed in the existing in the NHS Trust’s pharmacy store.

It is also expected that the system will provide significant benefits for the pharmacy operation including improved patient service and releasing pharmacists into a more customer facing role; better efficiency; improved accuracy – picking errors eliminated; high storage density and performance together with versatility – picking both dispensary and ward box.

A Siemens Logistics and Assembly Systems’ customer service team will be on hand to support and maintain the system will be supported and maintained through a package of online assistance and guaranteed call out.