Sunday 17th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

IT Update (2)

Actaris, a leader in the design and manufacture of metering products and systems for the utilities markets, has selected GXS Advantage Services to rapidly deploy a global B2B outsourcing solution for more than 1,000 customers, suppliers and trading partners. GXS Advantage Services is a continuum of offerings that provide comprehensive community, professional and managed B2B outsourcing services supporting global B2B deployments.

Actaris now will have the infrastructure to dramatically increase its trading partner community and drive business growth, while simultaneously reducing working capital.

Customs processing software specialist Impatex has developed a time-saving automated electronic “bridge” which enables importers to base their Supplementary Declaration for Imports (SDI) on the information already filed in their Simplified Frontier Declaration (SFD) by their customs clearance agent. The new Impatex SFD-SDI bridge works between any agent and importer using the Impatex

Customs Manager system. Successful submission of the SFD by the agent automatically transmits a message to the importer’s own system, which uses the data as the basis for the later completion of the SDI.

ILOG has unveiled Transport PowerOps(tm), a new transport planning software application with support for complex transport networks and detailed customer requirements. The first release from the company’s new PowerOps(tm) Suite, Transport PowerOps (TPO) allows shippers to create more realistic plans compared with other solutions on the market, enabling better cost control and increased efficiency. Shippers can have a planning process that is connected and streamlined, versus having the consolidation, carrier selection and scheduling tasks performed separately. complex planning requirements.