Friday 22nd Feb 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Emergency Room RFID

Handheld wireless data collection devices have to endure a lot of wear and tear. And despite their robust and rugged designs, these products can break or their internal workings need fixing.

In the UK alone there are more than 50,000 of the handheld devices in operation. Each device can cost anything between £500 and £3,000. And if one or more breaks, simply buying another many not be the cheaper option.

To get round this problem Psion Teklogix, the mobile computing, wireless data collection and RFID technologies specialist, has a repair centre in Aix En Provence, France – a service which the company believes is “unique”. The centre specialises in the repair and management of Psion Teklogix’s supply chain equipment and provides:

  • On-site collections
  • Equipment repairs within contractual deadlines: three-day, one-day or replacement by a reconditioned unit.
  • Returning units through express delivery.
  • Last year, the centre repaired 40,000 units.

Psion Teklogix has also developed Teknet, a dedicated online service and support system containing details of such tracking and traceability; a product’s repair history; and online quotations.

The company is enhancing the service even further by entrusting its product collections and deliveries to RFID technology – RFID tags are being used for its same-day and three-day turnaround offerings on repairs. This offering is expected to be beneficial to those customers which do not currently have a service contract in place, or who own hardware where the warranty or guarantee has expired.

The new service has been designed to allow priority to be placed on repairs according to a customer’s needs. The tagging procedure runs alongside the current repair structure with the addition of the tags.

Each tags is given its own ID number which is programmed through a database at Psion Teklogix Europe (PTE) detailing same-day or three-day turnaround. On arrival at the repair centre the tags are read in order for PTE to prioritise the boxes.

The tags can be bought in packs of ten from Psion Teklogix and will last a customer a year – each tag costs £100 for same-day service or £70-£75 for the three-day version. The price only covers the cost of transporting the product from the point of origin to PTE in France. It does not cover the repair and spare parts costs.

The advantage of the RFID service is that the turnaround time is guaranteed.