Tuesday 19th Feb 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Reduced manual handling maximises floorspace

Pegler, a leading manufacturer of advanced plumbing, heating and engineering products, has opted to use a more sophisticated power and free S310 conveyor from CI Logistics to carry parts on a plating jig.

In 2002, a fire at its plant wiped out the entire plating capacity as well as some office and assembly space.

The manufacturer had to work fast to reorganise its short-term production needs, while planning the rebuild of the factory and plating plant.

It had used CI S30 conveyors for many years, and had no hesitation in talking to CI about a new system.

Using a coding system, operators can now direct jigs to the correct location within the factory.

The conveyor and the second line can transport parts, including taps, mixers and radiator valves, from the final polishing / assembly line to the plating plant and then back to the final assembly and packing area.

The installation of the S310 conveyor has led to much reduced manual handling in moving parts, therefore maximising floor space and facilitating a smooth and speedy recovery for Pegler’s manufacturing plant.