Sunday 17th Feb 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Labeling adds to overall efficiency

Pets At Home’s 32,550sq m distribution centre in Stoke-on-Trent is benefiting from extensive use of ASG Services’ labelling and signs which are central to the organisation’s overall efficiency.

Distributing to some 157 stores nationwide in 65 vehicles leaving the site each day, the storage facility is divided into bulk areas and picking zones. Alongside extensive pallet racking, it features a two-tier, fully automated mezzanine through which a powered conveyer operates to transport 40,000 tote bins that are used at the site – primarily to hold smaller items broken down from larger loads.

The racking provides five beam levels for pallet location with each assigned a specific colour code that is used on the ASG pallet location labels. These are reproduced at ground level allowing truck operators to scan from below as products are located or removed at any level.

Apart from its colour coding, each label features an alpha-numeric identity and a corresponding barcode which interfaces directly with the Swisslog computerised warehouse management system.

As the labels are laser printed high definition and outstanding verification rates are achieved, while a protective laminate helps to maximise lifespan.

Ann Runcie, general manager at Pets At Home, comments: “We hold some 4,500 lines in stock and move no less than 2,600 pallet each day and 23 million cases per year to keep stock levels to the optimum level.”

Runcie continues: “Whether stored in the bulk storage area or broken down for picking – often via the totes – and then onward collation into 12 sortation lanes for despatch, tracking every product via bar-code label is clearly a major task and key requirement.”