Sunday 17th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Constant ground contact enhances stability

Nissan has launched a new series of pedestrian / stand-on pallet transporters with key benefits being its extreme traction and stability. With lift capacities of 2.0 and 2.5 tonnes, the PLP is designed for medium to long-distance applications.

The transporter features a system whereby all wheels are in constant contact with the ground, ensuring enhanced stability and making the transporter suitable for use in goods in and out operations, with dock levellers, on slopes and uneven surfaces. A compact double load wheel permits easy access to closed pallets and better positioning between pallet boards.

Performance characteristics of the Nissan PLP can be programmed through the tiller to an on-board computer according to operator experience or the load to be transported. Operator access is also PIN-controlled for security and accountability.

The transporter is powered is by an energy-efficient 24 volt AC motor, with regenerative braking returning current to the battery for greater uptime. The battery is housed on an integral roller bed for faster and easier changing, while forks that rise independently of the battery box extend cycle times even further.

Operator ergonomics include a spring-loaded flip down driver platform to absorb shocks during long distance travel, while folding side protection bars are all standard. Power steering is standard on the heavy duty 2.5 tonne model and an option on the 2.0 tonne version.

Light, fingertip controls are a major feature of the PLP’s tiller arm, which also incorporates a backlit LCD screen carrying information about battery status, hours worked and numerous diagnostic alerts.

The PLP’s onboard computer permits remote monitoring through a mobile phone which relays operational data to a control centre.

For further information, tel: 0800 919968.