Thursday 14th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Speedy and reliable printing

Zebra Technologies has developed the R110PAX4 multi-protocol print engine designed to print and encode smart labels while improving speed, reliability and print quality in high-volume, automated label print- and-apply operations.

The R110PAX4 multi-protocol print engine is aimed at companies wanting to use such technology in their print-and-apply systems in order to comply with the new radio frequency identification (RFID) labelling mandates and initiatives issued by the major retailers.

As more consumer packaged goods manufacturers become impacted by the new RFID initiatives, many must upgrade their existing barcode label print-and-apply systems to support RFID.

The R110PAX4 offers features that help improve print-and-apply efficiency, including optimised RFID processes for the fastest throughput, and an RFID calibration feature that automatically selects the optimal program position for transponder placement in the label.

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