Tuesday 12th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Accurate and safe handling assured

A new generation of heavy-duty stackers is available from Toyota Industrial Equipment. Comprising five models, the 7SLL range is built around Toyota’s Powerdrive system which significantly improves safety, reliability and performance.

With lift heights up to 5.4m, the 7SLL range ensures accurate and safe handling in congested areas. It is designed for heavy-duty applications where lift height, load weights and frequency of movements are more demanding. Higher drive speeds and electric proportional lifting help increase productivity. A spring-mounted rider platform minimises operator fatigue.

Available with simple roll-on roll-off sideways battery exchange, the 7SLL stackers are capable of continuous operation, ensuring maximum productivity in intensive applications. The range also features a new stylish design incorporating a more robust chassis, clear view masts to improve all-round vision, and light action tiller steering to enhance manoeuvrability.

Toyota’s PowerDrive System provides integration of contact-less controls, CAN bus communication and separately excited motors that deliver higher performance power. The contact-less controls replace more conventional switches and potentiometers that are prone to wear, and the CAN bus communication provides quicker, more reliable transmission of information with reduced components.

A tiller arm provides a user-friendly interface between the operator and the Powerdrive system. A digital display on the tiller gives the operator essential information, including battery energy level updates.

Truck operational parameters such as drive speed and braking performance can also be easily programmed through the tiller arm to match the capability of the operator and the need of the workplace.

Also included is Toyota’s Powertrak system which automatically adjusts the drive wheel pressure to the load weight and lift height to provide better traction and stability.

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