Saturday 16th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Maximum protection for racking

Accidental impact damage to pallet racking is expensive and, with the risk of collapse, potentially dangerous to forklift truck operators and warehouse staff alike. The problem is that even heavy-duty steel racking is vulnerable to buckling after impacts caused by forks and pallet edges.

The Rack Group has designed a simple, easy to install, inexpensive and modular protection device, called Rack Armour, which combines Zotefoams’ high impact absorbing Plastazote HD30 and a tough, extruded polymer outer shell to give maximum protection to racking uprights, frames and stanchions.

Plastazote HD30 is tough, high-density polyethylene foam, made using a nitrogen expansion process that produces an exceptionally uniform cell structure. It is the combination of the original polymer and this uniform cell structure that gives Plastazote HD30 its critical impact diffusing properties.

For further information, tel: 020 8664 1600.