Thursday 14th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Demounts cuts costs by a third

Carpetright expects its distribution costs to reduce by 30% having reorganised its logistics operation around the Ray Smith demountable body system. The company is putting into service 70 demountable bodies interchanged by 29 tri-axle trailers, 33 motive units and seven solo trucks to deliver carpets nationwide from its factory at Huntingdon.

The revamped logistics operation, in conjunction with Exel Logistics, replaces about 40 articulated and 38 rigid vehicles.

The most immediate benefit is that 48% fewer vehicles are required.

On a round trip to the South-west, for instance, a driver will leave two bodies and his trailer at a warehouse and, while they are being unloaded, will carry on with the body on the motive unit to do other deliveries.

The driver will collect the trailer and two empty bodies for the return leg back to base. A relay operation is used for deliveries to Scotland.

The demountable bodies can take rolls of carpet up to 5m long.