Monday 18th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Containers aid imports

HP Ethnic Foods, the brand owner of HP sauce and Lea & Perrins and also a leading supplier to the Chinese and Indian markets, has selected TDG to support its continued market growth. The two-year warehousing and distribution contract, previously with TNT, is based at TDG’s largest site in West Hallam, Derbyshire.

More than 450 different products are imported from the Far East on loose loaded containers, which equates to around 3,500 pallets all stored in a new building.

Using the Fulfilment 400 warehouse management system, TDG is despatching two million cases, in around 8,000 orders per annum, via sub-contractors. Twelve additional staff have been recruited to assist contract manager Barrie Aistrop run the new operation.