Friday 22nd Feb 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Reliable deliveries a key priority

In a bid to ensure “excellent customer service”, tool distributor Draper Tools has made reliable deliveries one of its top priorities. As a result, the company is using the smaller Midlands-based company Jon Lewis Transport for its most vital deliveries.

Kevin Davis, supply chain logistics coordinator for the £60M turnover Draper Tools, says: “We serve hundreds of retailers, including many multiples and supermarket chains. Many of these companies rely on timed deliveries for receiving goods-in and any delay can be disastrous.

“If a company expects a delivery at 9:30, and it doesn’t turn up until 9:45, then frankly it is just too late. The order is cancelled and has to be returned to the suppliers. It causes a lot of trouble and expense for everyone and can reflect very badly on the product supplier.

The Jon Lewis service does not stop at handling the delivery – central warehousing and logistics are included. Jon Lewis also handles all the phone work required.