Thursday 21st Feb 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Keeping stock of deal

Southampton based Polimeri Europa, a leading manufacturer of Olefins, Aromatics, Styrene, Phenol, Cumene, Di-methylcarbonates, synthetic rubbers and latex, has awarded a further three-year contract to Meachers Group Holdings.

Meachers is supplying a range of services to Polimeri Europa including warehousing, transport and freight forwarding. It is also managing Polimeri Europa’s stockholding, groupage and full load operation.

As part of the contract, Meachers is providing warehousing and product despatch services to Polimeri Europa’s customers nationwide covering tyre manufacture, hose and belting production, textiles and the paper industry. Oast Agencies, Meacher’s freight forwarding arm, is shipping product for Polimeri Europa to locations throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Polimieri Europa has production facilities in Hythe, Southampton and Grangemouth, Scotland as well as tenants in Italy and another seven in other European countries and the rest of the world. As part of the UK’s Styrenics and Elastomers Division, it has been manufacturing and storing Styrene, synthetic rubbers and latex at its Hythe site since the late 1950s.

Meachers facilities in Southampton and Derby manage a flow of goods and services for customers to ensure a continuous flow of products from initial collection through to final distribution.