Saturday 16th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Cost-effective supply chain vital

TNT Network Logistics has renewed its annual £5M contract with Owlett-Jaton, a leading wholesaler of industrial fixings, light building materials and engineering supplies. The two companies have worked together since 2002, reorganising the distribution network to establish a national distribution centre (NDC) at Stone, Staffordshire. This has resulted in significant savings for Owlett-Jaton through the closure of seven regional distribution centres.

Products are now picked at Stone and trunked to one of 12 TNT Network Logistics cross-dock facilities from where deliveries are made in dedicated vehicles to large builders merchants, independent engineering merchants and to schools, hospitals and farms. Smaller consignments are delivered via TNT Network Logistics’ shared-user network.

On behalf of Owlett-Jaton, TNT makes 5,500-plus next-day deliveries each day with consignments varying from a full load to a 30-50kg drop.

Nick Simpson, logistics director at Owlett-Jaton, says: “Distribution is our single biggest cost, so it is vital that we have the most cost-effective supply chain solution.”