Monday 11th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Covered Racking keeps out of the rain

Building materials supplier Boden & Boys took the fast route when it looked for a solution to storing timber at its expanding operation in Welshpool. The company wanted cantilever racking in its newly made yard but needed to be able to keep the timber dry.

It found Warehouse Systems on the Internet and faxed a drawing to Clive Fawthrop, WSL’s senior contracts engineer, to ask for a quotation and ideas. The company had thought of putting tops on all the racks but Clive improved the design by also spanning the aisles with a roof too. This had several benefits; deliveries that had been loaded the night before could be backed into the aisles and kept dry all night ready to be driven away in the morning and driving rain and snow was kept away from the merchandise in the racks. A team of installers was on site within weeks to build the facility.