Wednesday 26th Sep 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

COMAH safety rules extended

Following an EU amendment Directive, the scope of COMAH safety requirements in the UK have been considerably extended, affecting many more businesses handling and storing hazardous materials. The changes to part 3 of COMAG Regulations 1999 affect substances identified as being dangerous to the environment or explosive and include petroleum products and fertilisers widely used and distributed.

New named substances have been added to the list. Threshold levels for some products such as Phrase R2 Explosive substances have been lowered by 90% to just five tonnes for Lower Tier COMAH and 20 tonnes Top Tier.

Phrase R3 products are down to one tonne for Lower Tier and five tonnes for Top Tier.

Thresholds for ‘Dangerous to the Environment’ substances have been significantly lowered, which will affect a wide range of business currently operating outside the scope of COMAH. The changes will affect businesses operating to COMAH standards, where the requirements now apply to far more products and to smaller quantities, as well as to many companies whose volumes of materials are included in the tighter thresholds.