Monday 11th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Easy monitoring and replenishment

With shopping an ever-increasing leisure activity it is extremely important for companies to deliver product sales messages quickly and effectively and have goods instantly available. In turn this has lead to an increase in the use of in-store point-of-purchase (POP) display units, which are free standing units that are highly visual and contain sufficient product to meet the consumer demand.

Equally in-store staff can easily monitor product levels and replenish product as necessary.

Key to the success of any POP unit is the ‘compliance’ factor; put simply this means how many of the units purchased for a campaign actually make it to the retail sales floor and get correctly merchandised. DS Smith Display, working closely with both a manufacturer and a retailer has developed a POP unit that has a rating 30% higher than the market norm – it is virtually fully compliant.

At the manufacturer the display unit is simple to erect and fill with product on an internal shelving system, and has an outer for full transit protection, which is also printed to reinforce the brand. At the store the protective top and front section is easily removed due to the pre-cut profile. The unit is moved into position and the header display panel is taken from behind the product and slotted into place at the back of the unit.

Since the introduction of the new display system the retailer has reported it to be both transit efficient and fully product compliant. It is one of the easiest POP designs to use and is almost a ‘one-touch’ display unit that needs no in-store