Thursday 21st Feb 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Instant date any time, any where

Barcode scanning equipment and mobile computers are now used in all aspects of the parcels delivery process. One company that has benefited from the efficiencies they provide is Condor Logistics which selected Dolphin 9500 terminals, manufactured by Hand Held Products and supplied by ExPD (Expert Peripheral Designs), for its new tracking and proof of delivery (POD) system.

Condor is a freight forwarding company which operates from mainland UK to the Channel Islands. Its Solihull cargo centre offers secure warehousing, and its Portsmouth site also offers bonded warehousing and inventory management facilities. As a result, the company decided to implement an intuitive POD system for its commercial and consumer customers, so that it could provide precise information about the status of their parcels.

It chose ExPD to facilitate the implementation of the project. Steve Colwell, systems manager of Condor, explains: “The technical knowledge, customer support and responsiveness displayed by ExPD’s team gave us confidence in their ability to implement this turnkey solution seamlessly.”

ExPD equipped the warehouses with an RF data collection system for the operations at Solihull and Portsmouth. The items are then scanned as they are put onto the ship or container at Portsmouth and again when they reach the Channel Islands. For the final part of the parcels’ journey, ExPD opted for Hand Held Products’ Dolphin 9500 terminals, as they met Condor’s precise requirements.

The Dolphins’ state-of-the-art data capture and image capture capabilities enable them to secure images of any damaged parcels and to accept a signature at the point of delivery. The data are synchronised on an hourly basis when the delivery vans return to the depot, giving the customers access to accurate information about the location of the goods.

Colwell says: “The primary benefits of installing this end-to-end solution have been the reduction in error rates, increased speed and accuracy, and up-to-date information about the location and condition of specific parcels. We can now guarantee that we can provide exceptional service and delivery information for our customers.”